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Thursday, March 16, 2006

If You're a Woman and You Get Drinks at a Bar, You Will End Up Raped, Tortured, and Murdered

At least that's what the Boston Globe thinks women should think. And they're surprised to learn that the brutal murder of Imette St. Guillen in New York City hasn't stopped other young women from drinking in public and socializing with strangers. According to the Boston Globe, the real culprit in her death is not the violent bouncer that killed her, but binge drinking. And they're not alone. In fact, public health fascists have been laying the groundwork for an all-out assault on the right to get drunk for over a year, using the specter of daddy's little girl getting raped and killed to scare the American people into supporting higher alcohol taxes, less bars, bans on happy hours and discount prices, and more arrests of nonviolent alcohol users.

Here's a sampling of what the people who have almost banned smoking in America are putting out there about alcohol:

Get drunk tonight. While you still can.