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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Go with the Floe, Son of God

If Jesus walked on ice, he still walked on water, right? I mean, ice is simply water in a frozen state. Ice is no less water than is the liquid or gaseous form. So to say JC walked on water -- even if he had his ice skates strapped on at the time -- isn't any stretch. But it's also no stretch, then, to say this act was by no means any sort of miracle. You know, since I've walked on ice.

The folks at Get Religion aren't buying it:
...that is amazing that a boat could be battling rough seas at the same time Jesus was walking on ice nearby. Not to mention that this event occurred immediately after Jesus fed thousands with the few loaves and fishes. And remember what the Bible says about that group? That Jesus told them to recline on the “green grass”? Sounds like winter.
Amazing? I'll tell you what's amazing. Walking on liquid water would have been amazing. Walking on water that was apparently not just water but "rough seas" would have been amazing. Allegedly feeding thousands with a few loaves of bread and some fish would have been amazing. (If Jesus had a cure for hunger then, it would have been awful nice of him to have left instructions or to have since stepped in any time since then during countless famines through history.)

Oh, and I was also in Portland and Seattle in February. Dead of winter. A bit of snow. Lots of very green grass.

Why are so many otherwise sensible people so willing to blindly suspend their normally rational, skeptical, inquisitive manner of thinking in order to believe in these absurd, obviously false past events? And I'm not singling out Christianity here -- every religion is based on falsehood.

I defend one's right to believe whatever the hell they want. Everyone is free to make their own mistakes. Just don't expect me to follow them and fall for the same load of crap. (Do expect me to fall for other loads of crap, such as my long-ago belief that palatable pasta sauce could be found in a jar.)