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Monday, April 10, 2006

Legalize Meth

It's not every day that someone writes a forceful article in favor of legalizing methamphetamine, which is why I was very pleased to come across Marc Victor's article on Strike the Root. (Note: the article is a few weeks old). Victor makes an air-tight case for legalizing meth, arguing from both a "freedom" and a "consequentialist" perspective. My only complaint (besides the length of the article) is that he concedes the drug warriors' fraudulent assertion that meth is an extraordinarily dangerous and addictive drug. It's not. (Yes, some people who use it end up ruining their lives; but most do not. Meth's potential for harm is similar to that of other drugs, including alcohol.)

The money quote:

It would be accurate to say that drug dealers gain the most, through increased profits, when government agents make a seizure. Increased profits also serve to entice people to embark on new careers as drug dealers. Drug dealers love the drug war and do not want it to end. If you support the drug war, you are on the side of, and act as an unpaid lobbyist for the plight of the drug dealer.