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Friday, July 14, 2006

Leave No (Fat) Child Behind

A new federal law that took effect July 1 requires public schools to adopt nutrition and exercise goals before classes resume in the fall. The moral panic over childhood obesity is taking some interesting turns.
in Hampton, N.H., [their] five-page [anti-obesity] plan is so detailed it suggests elementary students have "at least two colors other than white and brown as part of their lunch meal."
Teachers in Cape Girardeau, Mo., will encounter restrictions on goodies they can give out in their classrooms. Lollipops and sodas will be no-nos.
Classroom candy also has lost favor in the northwestern Minnesota district of Perham Dent.

"The truth is, one Jolly Rancher isn't bad, but 13 years of several Jolly Ranchers a day is a bad habit to learn," said superintendent Tamara Uselman.

Her district is incorporating more movement into the school day as well. One geography teacher is setting up stations in her classroom so students are on the move every 20 minutes.
The war on fat is the new war on drugs. Just like schools suspend kids for bringing Tylenol and asthma medicine to school, they will soon be kicking them out for bringing Jolly Ranchers and candy bars. I was upset that my high school required four years of gym and only two years of math to graduate. Sadly, schools will soon be 50/50 exercise and education. And then probably 60/40. Sure American students will look better than foreign students, but we'll continue to lag behind them in math and science. Maybe it's just me, but I like my teenage girlfriends to be hot and smart.