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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Best-Dressed Biden Protests Wal-Mart

If you have ever seen Senator Joe Biden on the Metroliner like I have you know his hair is blow-dried and has seen some Aquanet and his suits look very continental and expensive. And in recognition of Biden's fabulous knack for style, he was named by Esquire the 14th best dressed man in the world, just after New England Patriot's hero Tom Brady and music star Andree 3000. I would personally never mention Biden in the same magazine that mentions Tom Brady.

Mr. Esquire Sexy Man Aquanet Freedom-cuff Senator just took a stance against Wal-Mart, which creates jobs which people freely take because they are not US Senators and have to make a living. On Wednesday, Biden headlined a news conference for a movement called Wake Up Wal-Mart.
"My problem is that I don't see any indication they care about the fate of middle-class people," Biden said.
Well, actually, Wal-Mart employs people who want jobs. And they sell a lot of Aquanet in Delaware.