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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

bin Laden has Bazaar Houston Problem

According to novelist Kola Boof (which I suspected was a nom de plume of K-Vish), identified as both a former "writer for US soap Days Of Our Lives" and a one-time "sex slave" of Osama bin Laden -- emphasis mine, and yours -- the cave-dweller has a thing. For Whitney Houston.
It seems the ever elusive Osama bin Laden is so obsessed with the singer, he even plotted to kill her husband Bobby Brown.

Yep, Sudanese novelist Kola Boof, once also a writer for US soap Days Of Our Lives, speaks in her autobiography of being bin Laden's sex slave ten years ago.

During that time, she claims the terrorist would talk of his love for Houston and desire to give her a mansion and make her one of his wives.

''He told me that Whitney Houston was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen,'' Boof says in Diary of a Lost Girl, excerpts of which are published in Harper's Bazaar this month.
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