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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Brazilian Wax for Men

Because there are apparently some over-the-hill (read: post-pubescent) men who wish to appeal to the NAMBLA crowd, the pube-free Brazilian wax isn't just for women anymore.

Links here and here led me to at first believe it to be a Pacific Rim phenomenon. (And by "Pacific Rim", I mean "Pacific Rim", and not some sort of euphimism, you sicko.)

Not so. As Just For You Salon & Spa salon in Tempe, Az. notes, it provides men with a Brazilian wax that takes off "everything but the testicle hair" -- a quote that could in turn be adopted as a great name update for a band.

Christ. If men are getting their little Ronaldinhos waxed in fucking Tempe, it's a good bet it's happening in just about any old Salon.

Finally, in what may be the worst. imagery. ever., Chris Hitchens momentarily waxes poetic prosaic about the Brazilian wax for men here.