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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Child, Molester

Here's a new low.
Raj Kumar is only six. But he is accused of molesting a woman. And unbelievably he committed this "crime" when he was around three years old.

Impossible though it may sound but this is what has been alleged in a case of criminal assault and molestation filed in a local court. The child is one of the accused in the case pertaining to the incident which allegedly took place at Kumhar Toli in Patna in 2003.

The child's father Kedar Prasad, who sells sugarcane juice, and mother Kanti Devi have been running from pillar to post, fighting the legal battle which originated from a family dispute of the complainant with which, they say, they had nothing to do.
Next up: Newborn arrested for sexual assault after passing through mother's vagina.

More here.

In happier news, get ready to go to Amsterdam with a different Kumar (and his friend Harold) here.