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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cops' 'Apparent Flub' Leads Directly to Jail

I'm sure some cop will pay for this. (But only in the form of some good-natured ribbing from his dipshit peers.)
For the second time this year, Vanderburgh County law enforcement officers appear to have arrested and jailed the wrong person while serving a warrant.

Evansville police are still trying to figure out why Heather Williams, 21, was arrested and jailed Aug. 9 on a warrant that shouldn't have been on her record.

That apparent flub follows the erroneous arrest in June by Vanderburgh County sheriff's deputies of a man visiting at the county jail.

Williams said some law enforcement officials have told her the warrant that caused her to spend a night in jail should have been served on a black man with the same birthdate as hers. Williams is female and white.
More here.

The only excuse cops might really have here is if they had been trying to arrest this person.