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Thursday, August 03, 2006

DC Gov't Spends $12K Per Year Per Capita

Wow. That is an eye-popping total of $7 billion for the roughly 580,000 people living in this city. Even the liberal DC Fiscal Policy Institute estimates the total spending at $4.8 billion, but they include only "ongoing" costs, which don't include huge "one time" expenditures which still need to be paid for and are part of the annual budget.

As I frequently write to the DC Council Members who posture against "gentrification" and propose the use of more tax money for a myriad of expensive programs, you are creating the problem that you propose to solve. At some point, no one will be able to live in DC except the super-rich, who can afford the property taxes necessary to sustain the DC Council's current level of spending.

At $12,000 per resident, that is pretty rich.