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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Finally, a Reason to Vote for a DC Council Member

Kathy Patterson today was revealed in the Wa Post as losing both the DC Teachers' Union vote and the Sierra Club Vote.

I hope this teaches Patterson that no matter how much tax money you pledge to special interests to buy votes, including her endorsing spending $1 billion to renovate schools that are half empty before requiring that the schools rationalize their buildings, shows her that there is no end to what unions demand and that still didn't buy their vote.

And then there is the Sierra Club. I am pro-environmental but in a display of how single-issue and myopic that movement has become they oppose Patterson for two reasons:

First: she supports re-opening Klingle Road, a vital East-West DC thoroughfare that was washed out in a 1990 or so flood.
Patterson said she lost the Sierra Club endorsement because she said she would not push the D.C. Council to reconsider its decision to rebuild and reopen the controversial Klingle Road to traffic. The Sierra Club believes the road, nestled in Rock Creek Park, should remain closed.
This is not an environmental issue. About 10 people in a very expensive neighborhood like that their former byway is now quiet but fuck them, everyone else in the city suffers from the loss of this road.

Second, she doesn't support closing Beach Drive, a big North-South artery into Downtown being for bicyclists only.