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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Get a Whiff of This

Rogier van Bakel opines on the NYT having hired Chandler Burr as its perfume critic. (Bing, er, Burr, prefers, apparently, to be referred to as the paper's "writer on scent.")

Of Burr's claim that a "good synthetic heliotropin is an olfactory marvel, as if a tonka bean had somehow been crossed with a cloud," van Bakel replies:
Clearly, if verbal frottage is an art form, Chandler Burr, a world-class onanist with a word processor, is its Rembrandt. Châpeau, mon ami; my retinas, when not darkened by the silent shadow of an Airbus A340, are still expanding from the strange pleasure of your prose!
Links to Burr's work and more here.