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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ho Chi Minh City is Still Not a Party Town

The Boston Globe reports that,
Authorities in Vietnam's southern commercial hub of Ho Chi Minh City seized one ton of Chinese-made sex toys, aphrodisiacs and other sexual stimulants, state-controlled media reported Friday.
One ton. Maybe it is a party city after all and I should take that back.

Many U.S. states are channeling Ho Chi Minh city, with their own bans on sex toys.
A federal appeals court has upheld a 1998 Alabama law banning the sale of sex toys in the state, ruling the Constitution doesn’t include a right to sexual privacy.

On the surface, the suit may be considered whimsical, banning the sale of inflatable sex dolls, dildos, and playing cards with the pictures of naked porn stars on them, but the court’s reasoning is giving civil rights groups cause for alarm. And, the law that bans selling gay sex toys also forbids selling toys aimed at heterosexuals.
Mississippi, Georgia and Texas already have similar bans, and South Carolina might be next. Pretty soon it might be hard to buy a banana in the South.