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Friday, August 18, 2006

If Only bin Laden's Victims Were Young and Pretty, Salma Hayek Might Be $50 Million Richer

Last week I watched about 10 seconds of an ABC World News interview with the vapid Selma Hayek, in which the self-loathing, bad actress lamented the murders of close to 100 "young" and "pretty" Mexican women along the Mexico-US border. Hayek was incensend that no one cared about the women because they were poor and Mexican, though she found nothing wrong with her own interest in the case apparently stemming from the fact that the women were young and attactive.

Fast forward a week, though, and it appears that all that was needed to get a break in the case was this TV appearance by Ms. Hayek. At least that's how I picture the news spinning around in the head of Salma Hayek.

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