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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Illbotz: The Best Band You've Never Heard of That Reminds Me of Bobby Jimmy & the Critters

A rock-solid claim on my part, as this awesome Roanoke Times profile of the band and rapping co-frontman Stevie D (who looks a bit like Ewen Bremmer) attests:
During the day Stephen Davies works at the Brandon Oaks Nursing and Rehabilitation Center where he is the activities director. Some residents... are unaware of his night gig as a rapper. Others think he's doing "African chants," he says.


In "1000 Shades of Awesome" he raps about "doing the sexity sexity" (and rhymes the word "scrotum" with "quote him"). Illbotz work in parody. "Chick-Fil-A" is set to the Beatles song "Yesterday." "We Mo' Gangstalikish" and "It's Illbotic" spoof self-aggrandizing rap songs.
$8 gets you the new Illbotz disc at their homepage here. Check out their MySpace page, in which they cite as influences -- among others -- Dr. Demento, The Smiths, LL Cool J (though only "up until '93"), Skid Row, Richard Hell, and Tiny Tim here.

Illbotz got me thinking about the great Bobby Jimmy & the Critters. YouTube has a hysterical Jheri-curled video of Russ Parr (aka Bobby Jimmy) whooping it up for the camera in 1985 here. More info here. Get Bobby Jimmy stuff on eBay here.

An aside: Google can't answer this important question. Can you?