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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Join Together for Anti-Smoking Nonsense

The final shoe from the anti-smoking folks has dropped: Thirdhand Smoke. God, they're like a fascist Octopus.
Babies can absorb particles and gases emitted by cigarettes from walls, clothes, hair and skin -- including up to 90 percent of the nicotine found in tobacco smoke -- experts warn.
The preliminary study found that even babies whose parents only smoked outside had detectable levels of the nicotine byproduct cotinine in their bodies, perhaps from hugging their mothers.
Even parents who smoke outside away from their children are committing child abuse, get it? How long before studies "show" that just working wth smokers is bad for your health, even if they don't smoke in the workplace? Or dropping off Fed-Ex packages to the homes of smokers is bad for your health, even if the home-owners are not smoking while you're there? Smoke while cigarettes are still legal, my friends. Smoke a whole pack. Today. For the children. Who will one day grow up in a world that no longer remembers the relaxing, sweet, sexy taste of cancer.

In related news, 63% of California voters support a ballot initiative that would raise cigarette taxes by $2.50 a pack. I'm sure the Mafia and every gangster with a van supports this initiative. Why can't we tax the hell out of tofu and Michael Moore movies? Or bibles? You know, things I don't like.