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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Join Together for Higher Taxes

I'm a libertarian. Who suffers from IED. Who drinks a lot. So I tend to get upset. But nothing gets my IED raging more than calls for higher alcohol taxes. Only a small number of drinkers cause serious problems to society (drunk driving, fighting, yelling "yo" at the waiter really loud, etc). The government should deal with them and leave the rest of us drinkers alone. If you're a problem drinker, higher taxes won't deter you from drinking because your demand for alcohol is really inelastic. All that higher alcohol taxes do is deter good, nonproblematic drinkers from drinking. And they're the people you want out drinking at bars, because they set a good example. They're the first to step up and break up a fight, while us drunks are yelling "punch out the waiter, Baylen". The Republican Congress has ignored calls from the public health community to raise alcohol taxes, but Democrats will probably increase them if they take over Congress in November. Anyway, here's a sampling of the pro-tax articles the neo-prohibitionist website Join Together is highlighting:

Australia is considering a 10-percent tax on alcoholic beverages to reduce binge drinking. How about a $1,000 tax on every vote a legislator makes. To deter binge legislating. Legislators would pass less laws if they were charged a tax for each one they voted on.

Reuters reports that alcohol consumption and alcohol-related deaths and disease have all risen since Finland cut taxes on alcohol products in 2004. And Scandinavia officials say cheap alcohol is killing people. Who the fuck cares if people drink themselves to death? Good for them. I hope that I die with a glass of scotch in my hand. And my penis in some whore. Or my hand on a whore and my penis in a glass of scotch. Either way I would die happy.

State-by-state break-down of U.S. alcohol taxes here. Very useful for smuggling purposes. Buy in low-tax states, sell illegally in high-tax states. Come on, it's what James Madison would do.