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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More State Anti-Kid Idiocy; Kid Fights Back

In addition to news a 6-year-old Indian kid has been arrested and charged with molestation (alleged to have taken place when he was 3), England today gives us this:
Three Halesowen children were taken into custody by police, locked up and had their DNA sampled for climbing a tree in hopes they could build a tree house. The children were all aged 12 and spent several hours in custody.
...and this:
A group of youngsters has fallen foul of the law for playing hopscotch.

West Midlands Police community support officers asked parents in Spring Street in Halesowen to remove chalk markings after complaints about them.
When kids are under fire from a tyrannical state, what can they do about it? Well, they can fight back, as one Maine youngster is doing:
9-year-old Erin Gorham [has launched a] petition to return ice cream trucks to York.

...York has a law disallowing the sale of food from vehicles, including ice cream.

Gorham mounted a petition seeking a change to the law, and presented it to selectmen on July 24.
Climbing trees. Playing hopscotch. Grabbing a cold treat from the Good Humor man. These things form the very essence of a kid's summer. So cut it out, statists. And don't just do it for me. Do it for the children.