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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

News Alert: Republicans Put Political Spin On Events

Wonkette has linked to an article on Unclaimed Territory, which identifies Republicans as insufferable optomists.

It seems like he has a pretty interesting train of thought going there for awhile, until Greenwald (the writer) gets bogged down with the concept of putting political spin on world/domestic/party events.
There is this bizarre syndrome where Republicans claim that every event is good for them, pundits echo that, and Democrats internalize it to the point of being paralyzed with fear. If there is no terrorist attack, that helps Republicans because it shows Bush is protecting us. If there is a terrorist attack, that helps Republicans because it makes Americans focus on terrorism again. If Osama bin Laden is silent, that helps Republicans because it shows he has to hide. If he releases a video tape, that helps Republicans because it puts the focus back on terrorism. Bush supporters and pundits, in unison, will insist that virtually every issue is a win-win politically for the Republicans, even as Republicans suffer political collapse.
I'm not sure what he's going for, here. Is he trying to say political parties shouldn't spin things? Does this guy not have a girlfriend he's had to convince that not buying an anniversary gift means we're so together, baby, that we're beyond gifts?

Plus, the whole "even as Republicans suffer political collapse" thing is kind of a hard sell, too. If Greenwald just took out the crazy, I think he'd have a good (albeit short) article.