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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

News & Notes from That Island Across Pond

**Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh has cooked up a play that looks at the diminutive stars of The Wizard of Oz -- a movie so scary I cannot watch it -- and "the seedy side of Munchkin life, with dwarves swearing, smoking opium, fighting and drinking on stage".

**Kate or no Kate, this best-dressed-woman list is a tiny waist of time.

**I don't get the Hasselhoff, erm, sorry... the Hoff thing. But apparently you and millions like you do. So here's a UK-only Hoff ad.

**According to an "art and culture guru", London sucks and its residents are like rats. (Except when they're not.)

**Radley Balko calls someone a "schmuckwad idiotface". Though I'm all but certain his post has nothing to do with the UK, I can picture some pre-teen English student (that's a student in England, rather than a student of English) picking up on "schmuckwad idiotface".