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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Press Continues to Label Lieberman as "Moderate," Opposers as Left-Wing

I emailed Wa Post political reporter Dan Balz about this, but got no response. I am frustrated by the Post's positioning of Lieberman as a magnanimous guy who is opposed by left-wing zealots who are going to destroy the Democratic party and are hopelessly partisan and single-issue.

The NY Times has gotten it right that it is not at all about being against bi-partisanship, but being against a person who not only approved the War in Iraq but also supports the Bush administration's anti-libertarian policies, like NSA surveillance, and says on the record that anyone who opposes them is unpatriotic. And Lieberman also sided with Bill Frist on the Terry Schiavo intervention, which was not just unpopular but also showed Lieberman's religious bias.

If Lieberman is a moderate, I am Queen of England.