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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pretty in Pink

For all of you, like me, who are 80s people, Pretty in Pink is now out on a new DVD with special features.

I had no idea, but I just learned today that the original ending had Andie getting together with Duckie, but that ending was panned by focus groups (and I too would be horrified, P.S.). Even Molly Ringwald didn't like that ending, saying
I thought 'There's no way this ending will work,'" she says. "It seemed like I was ending up with my brother."
Other tidbits include,
Robert Downey, Jr. almost got cast as Duckie, Charlie Sheen was a strong candidate for the role of Blane and Tracey Ullmann might have won the part of Iona -- ultimately played by Annie Potts -- but, as Ringwald explains, "her American accent wasn't there at the time."
And this from Molly Ringwald:
"I thought he was dreamy," she says of McCarthy, who might not have been cast if Ringwald hadn't talked Deutch and Hughes into it. The pair, who later co-starred in the flop "Fresh Horses," never officially dated. "We actually were supposed to go out once and he stood me up," Ringwald confesses during the "All About Molly" featurette. "I think that was the only time I was ever stood up."
Funny, we were so nervous about Blane standing her up that night at the record shop and yet he didn't, but in real life he did!