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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Remind Me Never to Hire the Government

Oh, but I guess I am forced to, as they hire themselves for anything they want to do and would imprison me if I didn't pay them for their work. But, gosh, they are just terrible about getting projects done! They are like your worst nightmare of a contractor on crack who holds a gun to your head to pay him or else.

Exhibit One: The Congressional Vanity Center:
Once again, the projected opening date of the Capitol Visitor Center has been pushed back -- from September to summer 2007 -- because of continued construction problems.

The $584 million project is already more than two years behind schedule and $200 million over budget, but architect Alan M. Hantman told a Senate subcommittee last week that problems with the fire protection system, gift shops and utility tunnel will cause more delays.
Exhibit Two: The Iraq reconstruction:
In November 2003, Congress allocated $18.4 billion to rebuild the country, and more than two-thirds of that total has been spent. But many of the projects will not be completed. It will be left to the fledgling Iraqi government to pick up the reconstruction process where the United States leaves off.

Rebuilding has been hampered from the beginning by a lack of trained U.S. government officials in Iraq to oversee the work of contractors. Auditors yesterday reported that USAID relies on one contracting officer and one technical officer to oversee 20 projects across Iraq that together are worth $1.4 billion.