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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Revenge of the Regular Coffee Drinker

Ever just want a regular old cup of coffee at Starbucks but you have to wait for eons because the teenager in front of you has ordered a Frappuccino? See, instead of the barrista making the Frappuccino, as he or she does for other complicated drinks, the person taking orders at the register makes it, thereby slowing the line to a maddening standstill.

The extreme heat of this summer, which has driven up demand for annoying frozen drinks, has impacted Starbucks' earnings.
Feverish summer demand for frozen drinks in the morning gummed up lines at Starbucks Corp. last month, slowing sales and presenting a rare operational snag for the world's largest specialty coffee retailer....

Executives blamed the slide on unexpectedly high demand for Frappuccinos and other frozen blended beverages in the peak morning hours, when baristas generally crank out more hot espresso drinks.