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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rita Cosby: Starrdown as Dim Star's Star Dims

Rita Cosby, whose ambulance-chasing Live & Direct show was recently cancelled by her equally abhorrent former colleague and current boss Dan Abrams, filed this typo-riddled dispatch from Boulder, Co. last night. Notice Rita in the window in the photo below, "starring into the eyes" of accused loser John Mark Karr who, in turn, "starred" right back at her.
Looking into the eyes of John Mark Karr

As I write this, I just finished starring into the eyes of a man who, only hours before, was thought to be JonBenet Ramsey’s killer. I was standing just inches away from John Mark Karr as he was being driven to the jail. He starred at me through the window, seeming to look at no one else.

Tune in tonight for our special at 10pm eastern to hear about what it was like to see him up close and to hear about the day’s stunning. It truly has been a surreal last few hours in Boulder, Colorado, and now once again, the Boulder community is left with the question… who killed JonBenet?
Maybe, Rita, Karr "starred at" you, "seeming to look at no one else," because your huge head was right up against the passenger window as you undoubtedly tried to coax him into an interview? Maybe not. Maybe he was just overcome by "the day's stunning."

The ridiculous Cosby photo also appears in a Rocky Mountain News article on Karr under a caption that reads, "John Mark Karr, center, is taken back to the Boulder County Jail Monday as MSNBC TV reporter Rita Cosby presses her face against the window of his transport vehicle."