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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Say Hello to Jackson Kuhl, Our New 'Super Special Chief Political Correspondent'

At least the one who's based in Connecticut. (I don't think that means we have 49 openings.)

Jackson Kuhl couldn't be more overqualified to blog for us, but, hey, I've had gum on the bottom of my shoe that was overqualified to blog here.
Jackson Kuhl is a Connecticut-based writer. Prior to becoming a freelancer and stay-at-home dad, Kuhl was the Sci-Tech Producer for He also worked for a number of years in both online and print publishing.

His articles have appeared in Reason, TCS Daily,, the New York Post, Australian Financial Review, Discovering Archaeology, and other publications. He is also a regular contributor to Dig and Calliope, magazines about archaeology and history for middle-schoolers.
Jackson will write about whatever the hell he wants, though he plans to focus on a big-L race in his home state. Welcome Jackson.