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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Should Have Known it Was a Scam, Since Dolphins are Warm-Blooded

Take one stupid government program that pays for people to do something they should already be doing themselves. Stir in some public employees, at least one of whom must have a last name that's good for a laugh. What do you get?
Two Lodi men were arrested after being accused of stealing money from a state program that reimburses those who winterize their homes.

Utilities manager Marvin Dolphin Jr., and Wisconsin Public Power Energy Service representative Thomas Schwartz were arrested on Monday.

Dolphin and Schwartz are accused of asking for reimbursement for winterizing materials, but allegedly didn't have the work done, WISC-TV reported.
Seriously, if there's a program so dumb in concept that it pays for stuff like weatherstripping and insulation, it may as well be a goddamn invitation to cheat. These guys are no more culpable than the douchebags who created the re-imbursement program.

More here from Wisconsin's futuristic CBS affiliate "Channel 3000".