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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Snakes on a... Hay!

About a month ago while I was tinkering around in a haypile in my garden I came across (in the span of about 15 minutes) three snakes. Two were clearly adults -- probably about two feet in length each -- while one looked to be a snakelet, about one-fourth the adults' size.

These snakes didn't look like other snakes I'd seen before, and they didn't seem aggressive. They went on their way slowly after I uncovered them, but not so fast that I wasn't first able to touch the tails of the adults (in that Steve Irwin you're all right little one sort of way) as they headed for the brush.

Today I learned that I'm actually as lucky as I am as dumb as Steve Irwin.
WASHINGTON - Local gardeners are being warned to look out for copperhead snakes.

And where can they be found might surprise you.
Like in my garden, slithering through my grasp, it turns out.

Though the photo accompanying the WTOP article doesn't look exactly like my snake (of the variety pictured above), mine absolutely looked exactly like this one, which (it turns out) is the kind of venemous-but-not-poisonous copperhead that actually lives in the American southeast. Which is where my garden happens to be.