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Friday, August 04, 2006

Socialists are Lazy and Inconsiderate

More mayhem hilarious hijinks from government officials in China.

Problem: 0.000002% of your population dies from rabies every year.

Solution: When you find one dog with rabies, kill every other dog in a 3-mile radius.
The measure came in response to the deaths of 16 people from rabies in Jining in the last eight months, Xinhua said. It didn't say when the slaughter would begin or how the animals would be killed. It said the city had about 500,000 dogs.
Last week, a county in southwestern Yunnan province killed 50,000 dogs, many of them beaten to death in front of their owners, after three people died of rabies.

The slaughters have outraged animal rights groups, who call them cruel and a sign of government incompetence in dealing with rabies, an often fatal disease that attacks the nervous system but which can be warded off with a series of injections.

"I think this is completely insane," said Zhang Luping, founder of the Beijing Human and Animal Environmental Education Center. "What's more, this really damages our national image and sets a really bad example to show how lazy and inconsiderate those local government officials are," Zhang said.
Oh, you wacky Chinese officials. What will you do next? Cut off power to your ex-girlfriend's family until she gets back together with you? Close down bars that make your martinis too dry? Kill cats that can't be bothered to play with your string on a stick? Sounds like the making of a good Fox reality show. I'll take your suggested titles in the comment section.