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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sometimes More is Better, If You Know What I Mean

I usually believe that "less is more" when it comes to drug use. There are two exceptions. One, when it comes to my own drug use (harm reduction interferes with my fun maximisation); and two, when it comes to the potency of any drug that is smoked. A report released yesterday by the Massachusetts Department of Health claims that the amount of nicotine in cigarettes has grown by at least 10% in the last decade. Public health fanatics are predictably saying that higher levels will lead to more addiction and death. This is baloney. Whether it's cigarettes or marijuana, higher potency doesn't lead to greater addiction. Just like drinking whiskey will not make you an alcoholic any faster than drinking lots of beer, smoking cigarettes with high levels of nicotine won't make you an addict quicker than smoking cigarettes with low levels of nicotine. In fact, public health fanactics should want high levels of nicotine. The higher the level of nicotine in cigarettes, the less cigarettes people need to smoke to get the feeling they desire. The less you smoke, the better your health. Strangely, the health fascists want lower potency cigarettes, which would require people to smoke more and die quicker.