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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

They Will Still End Up Marrying the Same Guy

Sometimes you get a story with so much material you don't know where to start: Conjoined twins. Mormons. Perpetual hugs. Young children being "swathed in gauze from chest to pelvis".

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP) -- Swathed in gauze, twin sisters Kendra and Maliyah Herrin were rolled from the operating room and moved to separate beds for the first time in their lives Tuesday after 26 hours of surgery in which doctors separated the 4-year-olds and reconstructed their internal organs.
The girls had been born in a perpetual hug, their little bodies fused at the midsection so that they were practically face-to-face. They shared a liver, a kidney, a pelvis, one set of legs and part of their intestines.

Surgeons at Primary Children's Medical Center gave each girl one leg, split their liver and intestines and reconstructed their bladders and their pelvic rings.
Wow. The operation was believed to be the first time surgeons separated conjoined twins with a shared kidney. Absolutely amazing. But, I can't help but be sad. We can seperate conjoined twins with a shared kidney but we can't popularize the phrase "we can find pork in baby diapers, but we can't X"? I'm linking to my post on this issue again people. Go popularize this phrase. God, what's the point of being a blogger if I can't influence popular culture. You all are so Hezbollah.

ps. Story and title stolen from Baylen who is cojoined at his mouth to a glass of Campari & soda.