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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We Sure Wouldn't Want That Elevator Cable to Break

Today's New York Times (stupid registration required) has a great article on how the senators-only elevators in the U.S. Capitol are being overrun by the unelected, complete with a history of Congressional elevator scandals. Highlights: Senator Strom Thurmond's excessive touching of then-freshman colleague Patty Murray; Representative Melissa Hart (who is white) admonishing Representative Julia Carson (who is black) that the elevator they were riding on was members-only; and the use of attractive women by lobbyists to get invited into an elevator so they could lobby Senators.

But anyone who concludes that senators are pampered beings of privilege may rest assured that the elevators are sometimes a source of angst.

“There are times when I press the senators-only button and there are people waiting for the elevators, and I do feel a little guilty.” Mr. Lautenberg admitted.

“Sometimes I invite them in,” he said, “and sometimes I hope they don’t recognize me.”

This is pretty much my elevator policy, minus the fake attempt to hit the "doors open" button.

Via Jenny, who I hear went down on Ted Kennedy in a Senate elevator. Or was it went down with?