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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Who are the Zombie Masters, and What Do They Want?

I've tossed and turned numerous nights asking myself that question. I'll sleep good tonight knowing that they're just people who want to add user fees to Canada's socialized healthcare system and all they want is to make the system fairer. That question is the actual title of a report prepared for the Canadian government. It's one of many reports government bureaucrats have wasted taxpayer money on. A group of government librarians is putting the best of the worst titles on-line.

My other favorites:

Distinguishing Bolts from Screws. US Customs and Border Protection.
Very informative stuff here.

Elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation : are we doing enough? U.S. Senate.
No, beat them more! Beat them more!

A Story of Human Conservation. U.S. Dept. of the Interior, War Relocation Authority, 1946.
This is the final report of the agency which oversaw the World War II interment camps for US citizens of Japanese and other suspect descents.

Know your 8-inch Horwitzer. U.S. Army.
Oh, I know it.

Step into Action! a guidebook for the above-knee amputee. U.S. Department of HHS.
How about "Look at this! a guidebook for the blind."

[Via Wonkette]