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Monday, August 28, 2006

Wisconsin Wouldn't Keep Me

You can relax: I am, in fact, back from my week long vacation in Wisconsin.

(Please note that this means I spent my entire week of vacation time this year in Wisconsin, which means I am the best friend ever. Please also note that I managed to avoid Becoming The Cliche by not making out with the best man. Who happened to be the groom's 20 year old brother. But whatever. I was a stellar maid of honor and did not make out with him.)

I'd like to start out by directing your attention towards fat Phyillis from NBC's The Office, who was allegedly a St. Louis Cardinals cheerleader in her heyday. The aforementioned heyday was in the 1920s, but still. Impressive.

Deadspin is sporting a great little piece about the misadventures of Stanford's mascot, a tree. If you amble on over, you can appreciate such quotes as, "Just look at the accompanying photo; that is one shit-faced tree," and "I sort of look at the NCAA like an ex-girlfriend trying to come and take the boom box back or something."" Reason enough to bookmark the link.

Go Fug Yourself is running an entry on Tyra Banks' unfortunate wig(s), which will make my little brother throw up a little bit in his mouth. He used to have a great picture of Tyra looking like a cat on his desk, but this'll probably make him realize he needs to rotate in Kelly Clarkson instead.

And I still used all my vacation time this year in Wisconsin. But it's okay. When she gets her wedding pictures back, there'll be one of me and two of the other bridesmaids suggestively licking a bratwurst on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.