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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Woman Strangely Unconcerned That Her Boyfriend Put Mark of Satan on Her

Don't know what to make of this.
[Hillary Snyder] awoke recently to find she had been tattooed by her boyfriend while she slept. She said she took a painkiller with a sleeping pill before she went to bed Saturday night. When she awoke, she discovered a tattoo of a five-pointed star on her right ankle.

Snyder said she had previously told her boyfriend she didn't want a tattoo. He wanted her to get a tattoo of a five-pointed start to match one of his own, she said.

"At least he didn't flub it up," she said

The boyfriend wasn't identified. No arrests had been made. The investigation was continuing.

A police report accuses the now-former boyfriend of domestic assault. But Snyder isn't so sure."I mean it's not like he beat me up. There were no bruises or blood or anything. I'm just not going to see him again."
This happened to me once. Only instead of a tattoo on my ankle it was a hickey. And instead of being left by a boyfriend it was left by a rat.