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Thursday, September 14, 2006

6th Grade Floozies Need HPV Vaccine

Michigan has introduced legislation that would require 12 year old girls to be immunized with the new cervical cancer vaccine. The vaccine works on the HPV virus, which is sexually transmitted and related to incidences of cervical cancer.

Worth noting:

(1) We already require kids to have vaccines (like MMR) and tests (like TB) before they're allowed to attend school. How is this different? Any likihood that because the new HPV vaccine is related to sexual activity, it'll get enough attention to warrant reexamining the MMR/TB requirements? Should there be?

(2) This is a new test. We don't know the long-lasting effects of it. The FDA is pretty through, but test samples of dozens/hundreds/thousands can't compete with actual sample sizes of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. Case in point: the BC patch. Initially got great reviews. Now responsible for some pregnancies (oops) and some fatalities (double oops.)