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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ahh... You Can Smell It In The Air

Late summer/early fall is a good time. The peak of the marijuana harvest season is upon us, complete with idiotic media coverage of it (god save the deer). State and local decriminalization efforts across the nation are in full swing, with lots of media commentary highlighting the potential death and destruction that will follow legalizing the possession of a few grams of pot.

Not to be forgotten amidst all this drug hype, the fourth season of HBO’s The Wire premiered this past Sunday. The show, set and filmed in my hometown of Baltimore, takes an uncompromising look at the consequences of the drug war at the citywide level. The show doesn’t seem to get much press outside of Baltimore, which is crazy because it has much of what is missing from mainstream television, including a majority African-American cast, a consequential lesbian character and a thoughtful examination of the forgotten “under-classes.”

Is it the best all-around show on television? I think so. But what does my opinion count for? After all, my DVR is out of space; full after a weekend-long marathon of the second-best show on television, Breaking up with Shannen Dorherty.

The Wire creator David Simon talks to Reason here. And, from the Examiner, efforts to get it back for a fifth and final season here.

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