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Monday, September 18, 2006

Are Female Academics 'Hindered?'

The National Academy of Sciences came out with a big study yesterday that posits that female academics are hurt by current tenure policies and work expectations.
Gender bias, not any biological difference between the sexes, stifles the careers of female scientists at the nation's universities, says a new report that calls for wide-ranging steps to level the playing field.
Those steps, which call for a re-ordering of the profession around child-bearing, will in the end only hurt women more, as their hiring will be viewed as more of a burden. Professional women without children understand this and have to deal with it daily.

The freedom to earn a living and excel beyond one's peers is central to a free, libertarian society. Handicapping women for their child-bearing choices is Sweden-esque, and even Sweden is moving away from its utopian views.