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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Baby You Can Drive My Car

This dispatch, from Fairfax Country, VA, shows how desperate government employees are to spend taxpayer money rather than give it back.
Lt. George Robbins got the urgent e-mail in late July. The office that keeps track of cars for the Fairfax County Fire Department wanted to know why the mileage was low on an investigator's GMC Safari van. Couldn't the guy drive it more?

Robbins came up with this solution: Have the investigator, who lives near department headquarters, swap county-issued cars with a co-worker who drives about 35 miles round trip from Prince William County.

From homeless-outreach workers to zoning inspectors, Fairfax employees are driving hundreds of vehicles across the county -- or are swapping cars with those who drive more -- simply to run up the odometers. They know that if they don't use their cars, they could lose them.
Even better:
Sheriff Stan G. Barry commiserated with Zook about the situation in an e-mail after a meeting of department chiefs in July.

"We . . . have to spend a considerable amount of management time figuring out how to rotate vehicles constantly so that they get the required mileage," Barry wrote. "We don't end up saving the county any money because we still travel the same number of miles, we just have to keep shuffling vehicles around to meet the standard."