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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bush Says Dems Will Raise Taxes; Dems Get "Faith"

In a speech today, Bush said that Dems will raise taxes. Unfortunately, he is right. When will the Dems forget about the religious right swing vote and realize that there is a bigger swing vote on economic policies?

No chance. They are all channelling Rove and finding religion, or "faith," a term I despise seeing in the media. When did religion become having "faith," which is a judgemental term in the negative, unlike "religious." We who are not religious now lack faith, which sounds really bad. The Wa Post has led the "religion" to "faith" campaign, as you can see from this page one article.

The newest politician with "faith" is John Kerry, who had his 17-year marriage which produced two children "annulled," which means in Catholic terms that it never happened, and opposes gay marriage because marriage is about children. Okay, but then John and Teresa should have a civil union, as they are both in their 50s and obviously not having children. Here is John's latest "faith" bloviation:
For twelve years I wandered in the wilderness, went through a divorce and struggled with questions about my direction. Then suddenly and movingly, I had a revelation about the connection between the work I was doing as a public servant and my formative teachings. Indeed, the scriptures provided a firmer guide about values applied to life -- many of the things you are wrestling with now today.