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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dallas Dispatch

I have been spending a lot of time in Dallas lately. As a NY/Boston/DC person, it is a foreign universe. The 20 minute drive to my client's office from DFW is a Blade Runner-esque expanse of freeways, cloverleafs and one-storey office buildings that look like warehouses. The city is somewhere in the hazy distance to the right.

"Oh, but we love it here because we don't have the traffic that you do!" volunteered my driver.

The big treat I get after long hours of boring work is when my client drives us to lunch at a strip mall about five miles away, because that is the closest place to eat, and we go to a huge Chinese buffet which also has a seedy casino/bar connected to it. If you ever want to feel slim, go to this Chinese buffet, where most customers look like offensive linemen for the Cowboys, probably because they are eating the food at this buffet. The "Chinese" buffet has adapted to Texan tastes and features, among other specialties, deep-fried hot dogs.

I hate the Cowboys, btw, and I hope that the Redskins beat them on Sunday so I can taunt my client and everyone else I see in Dallas. The Cowboys/Skins is a great NFC East rivalry and last year we beat them twice. I had the pleasure of taking Mr. Baylen to the home game slaughter of the 'Boys, pictured above. Let's just hope TomKat doesn't show up at this one and jinx it.