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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Did Any Of You Guys Watch "The Half Ton Woman" On TLC?

Yeah, me neither.

At any rate, a Mexican man weighing 1,212.53 lbs (if my highly technical calculations provided by Google Calculator are correct) will be operated on in Italy. He's been morbidly obese for about half his life, and he's "no longer mobile".

Two things:

(1) I feel like someone who's this drastically overweight (he weighs about as much as 9 of The Intern) is probably working with some serious psychological problems. We're talking about a weight gain that prevents him from moving. So is the operation - which will reroute 90% of the man's intestine, to prevent it from absorbing calories/nutrition from the food he eats - really going to be effective?

(2) Am I right to think that if we had socialized healthcare, this is the type of medical treatment I'd be paying for?