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Friday, September 01, 2006

Elisha Cuthbert Holds Balls, and Sticks Her Fingers in Them

Who could argue with Fort Worth Star-Telegram assistant managing editor Rick Press when he pegs 24 star and hockey blogger Elisha Cuthbert "the coolest bowling celebrity in Hollywood". Not me.
In my 16 celebrity bowling interviews, only one star had the time, or inclination, to go two [frames] -- and that was Davy Jones, who was trying to exorcise some personal demons. So it doesn't matter that Elisha didn't improve on her 87 in the first game. Or that I had a drop-off from my first game of 210.

She asked to bowl another game, forever securing a place in the Bowling With Celebrities Hall of Fame. If there was such a thing.
There probably should be such a thing. More here.