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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Gridskipper Sexes It Up

I don't know if the folks at Gridskipper are masturbating too much or not enough, but they've been sexing up their posts recently.

First, a post on an excellent overview of Argentian women that I think was secretly written by Gov. Schwarzenegger.
All the girls looked identical - short, skinny, pale skin, dark hair, dark eyes. There was some variation, but almost always from the hair dye bottle...After a couple of weeks I'd gotten used to the homogenous Argentine look, and the pretty girls started to stick out from crowd. But it took some getting used to. I think a lot of the guys in the hostels who were raving about Argentine beauties had just arrived from a few months on the road in Peru and Bolivia, where the people have more indigenous blood. They probably hadn't had any action for a few months.
Second, you only have a few days left to vote for the World's Sexiest City, the World's Most Fetish-Friendly City, and other important categories.

Third, if you're going to Tokyo (and even if you're not), make sure you check out Joan Sinclair's Pink Box, an online photo tour of Japanese sex clubs based on her book, and Radar magazine's review of it. There's at least one Tokyo club for everyone - from naked karaoke to clubs equipped with immaculately reconstructed train cars filled with short-skirted schoolgirls who won't press charges. My favorite - and Gridskipper's - is the rotating sushi breast-touching pub. You know you want to eat there - you perv - so go already.