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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Here, Kitty, Kitty; Here, Ki...ZAP

Dick Johnson at Page Six on Kitty Dukakis's colorful past, which she details in a new book. (My comments interspersed.)
KITTY Dukakis is about to jolt the world - with a book touting the "benefits" of shock therapy. The wife of former Massachusetts Governor and presidential candidate Michael Dukakis tells in "Shock: The Healing Power of Electroconvulsive Therapy" how she battled depression for more than 20 years along with drug and alcohol abuse - until getting zapped with electricity helped her "reclaim her life." While the treatment has been slammed as barbaric by some, Dukakis insists, "What unites [shock therapy] patients more than anything is an unrelenting, unbearable sickness." [Ed.: There's also that burning-hair smell.] One horrifying episode, she writes, was when "my son John found me out cold in my room, lying in a puddle of vomit . . . Could I humiliate myself any further?" [Ed.: Well, you could write about it in a book. As long as you don't go into much more detail though, Kitty, you should be fine.] She also drank rubbing alcohol which "tasted horrible, like fire. I tilted the bottle back and took another swig. Flame on flame . . . Next time I hit rock bottom, I . . . opted instead for mouthwash, aftershave and, of all things, nail polish remover." [Ed.: Aw, hell. Now you couldn't embarass yourself more.]
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