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Friday, September 08, 2006

Hollywood Limousine Liberal and the Hypocriscy of Her Million Dollar Handbag

Lindsay Lohan lost her handbag at Heathrow, and it was subsequently found by diligent UK policemen. Of note is that Lohan was upset because her handbag contained about $1 million of jewelry.

In other news, Lohan is passionate about her role in an upcoming film called "Bobby," about the assassination of RFK.
I strongly encourage people of my age and generation to have a say and to vote, and to involve themselves in what's going on in the world, because they are living in it.
Like him or not, Bobby Kennedy did have the interests of the poor foremost in his mind. In the speech in which he announced his presidential candidacy (this is good current read, btw, because of his stance on Vietnam and the obvious Iraq parallel), he said
As a member of the cabinet and member of the Senate I have seen the inexcusable and ugly deprivation which causes children to starve in Mississippi, black citizens to riot in Watts; young Indians to commit suicide on their reservations because they've lacked all hope and they feel they have no future, and proud and able-bodied families to wait our their lives in empty idleness in eastern Kentucky.
I wonder how Bobby would have felt about a 20 year-old Hollywood strumpet I mean starlet walking around with $1 million of jewelry in her handbag and invoking his name.

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