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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hump Day Productivity

The UK's Metro continues to cover the most important news of the day:

A new study by Flirtomatic, a web-based flirting network, found workplace productivity takes a midweek plunge as people turn to online flirting to relieve their boredom. The beauty of flirting online is you can still look busy at work.

And today, Wednesday, is the main day that we're a pulling the fast lines over email or on dating channels, then bashing our eyelashes over computer tops. According to the study, Wednesdays seem to drag-on longer than any other working day. Any buzz from the previous weekend has long-since dissipated and that 'TFI Friday' relief seems an age away.

I'm flirting right now; if by flirting you mean jacking off while I think about Sandra Phipps.

Bonus Metro: A surprisingly boring quiz to determine how sexually adventurous you are. If you have to take a quiz to find out, you're probably not very adventurous. Unless you're jacking off to Sandra Phipps while you take it. In which case that's pretty depraved; although not illegal (despite what some Phipps supporters will probably say in the comment section).