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Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Heart Sandra Phipps (Yes, That's Just an Olive Branch in My Pocket)

I hate to beat a dead horse (although I love to eat them), but I feel the need to keep blogging about Sandra Phipps. Unless you've been in a coma the last few days, you know that TtP is in a feud with her and other anti-bigamy activists who want to create a national marriage database to help local officials catch bigamists. You can read my "juvenile", "immature", "slanderous", "vulgar", and "illegal" posts on the subject here and here. The comments continue to pile up, so feel free to leave a comment. Sandra Phipps helpfully summarizes the controversy on her own blog (her post is a must read).

With the exception of CCing her lawyer on an e-mail to Baylen, she has largely responded to my posts the way any good, internet-savvy activist would - laying out her position and calling me on my bullshit. So a strong argument can be made that I should let this matter drop and concentrate on the latest in tourniquet-chic, Spain's assault on heroin-chic, the Senate's rubber-stamping of Bush's authoritarian policies, Jessica Biel's monster tongue, and pro-drug-war Democrats. But then there's Donna Layne Robert, the authoritarian, educationally-challenged anti-bigamy activist who continues to warn TtP (and our commenters) that offending her and Sandra Phipps is a crime and that we're all going to go jail if we don't stop making jokes about anti-bigamy activists getting fucked by horses. Her latest threat:

Mr. Baylen:

You are an irresponsible blogger who allows people to break the law by allowing others to call people names. You have offended me and Sandra. We are not cry babies, and we are not sitting on our behinds letting criminals get away with tax payers money. If you had really wanted to listen to the whole picture, you would have understood that this National Database would only be for MARRIAGE CLERKS, to check the validity of someone's divorce or marriage. It doesn't have anything to do with YOU unless you are married and tried to remarry someone while you are still married.

By the way the HOMELAND SECURITY has already something in motion about a DATABASE. I don't believe that you have any intention of being fair and showing both sides of the coin. That is what a true liberal does. But then again, I wouldn't call you a fair liberal. You are the worst kind of political view, that helps make this country of ours hard to live in.


If you cannot be responsible enough to stop the barrage and hateful defamatory things that you print, you may find yourself served with papers for a visit in front of a judge. It is up to you.

Donna Layne Robert's full threat (and others) are in the comment section of our previous posts. She is clearly a threat to free speech, liberty, moms, and apple pies. I encourage TtP readers to mercilessly mock her, and leave Sandra Phipps alone. (Bonus bone to Phipps, you can read her case for a national marriage database here.) By the way, if anyone out there wants to write a reasoned piece on why this legislation is a bad idea, we'll gladly showcase it here. Otherwise I'm going to make a few more jokes at Donna's expense this week and then let the matter drop.