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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm Pretty Sure the 2nd Amendment Protects My Right to Shoot Canadian Geese That Shit on Me

There are few things Baylen and I disagree on. His attempt to sow the seeds of paranoia to boost his war on squirrels is one of them. The real threat comes from the (probably French-quacking) Canadian geese who invade our country, ignore our laws, and ruin our lawns.
This summer has evidently generated an extraordinary supply of goose guano, prompting complaints to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. So last month the agency moved to suspend certain restrictions on the shooting of geese throughout the country. Now state wildlife officials, private landowners and airport personnel can fire away at flocks besmirching the ground beneath their feet....The birds in question are resident Canada geese that tend to spend their lives in one area, unlike their migratory cousins. What's more, they favor manicured lawns and ponds and habitats such as parks, public facilities and suburban neighborhoods, which lack their natural predators. So their numbers are way up - growing at a 2 percent annual rate along the Eastern seaboard and a staggering 7 percent in the Mississippi Flyway, which stretches from Louisiana through the northern Midwest.


Animal rights activists - chiefly the Humane Society of the United States -— are taking loud exception to the new policy. They note that some localities have found far less lethal approaches to the problem. In New York State, wildlife officials have teamed with the Virginia-based conservation group GeesePeace to destroy goose eggs and put border collies to work chasing resident geese from urban settings.
We need to save geese by destroying unborn baby geese, get it? And pay government officials to sit in parks all day with their dogs, which would be nice work if you could get it.

Via CQ (subscription required).