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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Just Like Binoculars

West Virginia is set to become the first state in the US to equip their police with a super-duper “binocular-like device” that uses a laser to scan and test a subject’s pupils to determine if he/she is stoned, drunk, tired, moody or just plain fucked up. Even better, it is supposed to be able to assign the intoxication to a particular drug. I’m really not sure how this thing works, but I’m willing to completely trust this machine. Probably never malfunctions and the West Virginia cops who will be using it have got to be experts with this type of thing. Nope, no potential for abuse here; everyone go ahead and open those eyes wide.

Not to be missed in the above article is the description of where the money that was used to fund this program came from.
It is being made possible by a $2 million grant from
Congressman Alan Mollohan(WV-D), and will allow local law enforcement officials
in it to receive training

I’d like to believe that this was made possible by a 2 million dollar personal donation from the esteemed Congressman, but something tells me that it was a 2 million dollar donation made by the taxpayers. At some point I’d like to think that we would stop giving credit to guys for spending other peoples' money on pointless projects, but that might be a little too much to hope for.